The Livonia Jaycees are hosting a three-part Financial Literacy series this year to educate our members and the community with information on different financial topics. 

Part One

The first in our series was a Homebuyer Seminar held in March. According to Christopher Crawford, Committee Chair for the Financial Literacy Series, the idea to hold a home buyer’s seminar came from the fact that Livonia has a large population of new, inexperienced homebuyers who need to know how to prepare and what to look for during this stressful process.  The Livonia Jaycees decided to use the professional skills and experience of their members to offer a free seminar to the Livonia community. 

Three members of the Livonia Jaycees presented home buying advice, mortgage loan options, tips for getting approved for a mortgage loan, down payment assistance options, and ways to prepare for the big move! 


Part Two

On Thursday, June 1, part two of the series was held, Saving and Investing 101. Brian Schuessler, an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, discussed the importance of financial planning, including why you need a strategy, why quality is important, diversification of investments, and why you should invest for the long term.  

Chris Crawford from Fidelity Investment then presented why having a budget and evaluating your spending can help you to save your money. Additionally, individuals should take advantage of employee plans, such as 401k/403b accounts.  By doing these simple things, people have the ability to achieve financial success.



Part Three

Part three of the series will be held on Saturday, August 26th and will focus on Credit, Life Insurance, and Educational Savings.  Stay tuned for more information.