Livonia Bar Crawl

The LBC: The 18th Annual Livonia Bar Crawl (LBC) was held on Saturday, August 11, 2018. With attendance at well over 50 TOTALLY TUBULAR people, this 80's themed Bar Crawl was a blast from the past. The event started at 5 pm at One Under Craft Bar and Eats on 5 Mile Rd where attendees received their radical fanny pack swag packs and crawlers dressed in their best 80's garb boarded a charter bus to head off for a fun evening! 

Stables Bar & Grill, a repeat stop on the Livonia Bar Crawl and one of our sponsors this year was our first stop.  All of the brightly colored dudes and dudettes began flipping through the pages of the included 80's themed cocktail guide and trying some of the drinks out. 

Our second stop was a new addition to the Livonia Bar Crawl and still rather new to the bar scene in Livonia.  That, of course, is SuperNatural Brewing and Spirits, a brewpub now famous for their spooky yet fun theme and a selection of craft beers.  Not only did SuperNatural sponsor us this year but they also provided some delicious all you can eat Mac & Cheese and French Fries at a special price to all of our crawlers. 

Back on the bus, the next stop was Grand Tavern Craft Food & Drink located in Laurel Park Place Shopping Mall.  Another new addition to the Crawl, Grand Tavern featured half-off liquor and singer/guitarist Yorg Stormrunnerperforming covers of some classic 80's hits.

After enjoying some great music, the group boarded the bus and headed to the final stop of the night, Tin Cup Bar and Grill.  As always, Tin Cup's patio was was a welcome site to sit back, relax, and enjoy another drink or two while looking out at the golfing green. 


THANK YOU to all the RAD participants of this year's Bar Crawl!  On behalf of the Livonia Jaycees, we hope you had a blast and can't wait to see you at our next awesome event. 
Huge Shout Out to all of our sponsors this year.  Without your support, this event would not have been possible.  Thank you to the following:

  • One Under Craft Beer and Eats
  • SuperNatural Brewing and Spirits
  • Stables Bar & Grill
  • Grand Tavern Craft Food & Drink
  • Tin Cup Bar and Grill
  • Healthline Chiropractic
  • Merri-Bowl Lanes
  • Wine Palace


Livonia Bar Crawl 2017:


The LBC: The 17th Annual Livonia Bar Crawl (LBC) was held on Saturday, August 12, 2017. This annual event is always a great time for our members and their friends to visit some of our favorite Livonia watering holes!  Bus transportation shuffled guest between several local bars while they socialized and networked with Livonia’s Young Professionals!  Everyone had a great time Par-teeing with us and we are looking forward to the LBC in 2018! 




Thank you to our 2017 event sponsors: