Would you like to network and further your business contacts with other young professionals? Do you have an interest in charity work and improving your community? Are you interested in increasing your abilities as a leader?  The Livonia Junior Chamber (Jaycees) is the organization for you!

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Membership in the organization is on a local basis. Membership in a local chapter also entitles you to state membership, membership in JCI USA and Junior Chamber International. Dues for membership into the organization are also on a local basis and vary from chapter to chapter.

Members are encouraged to get involved with local projects. Members are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills by taking on a position in the management of the chapter. That leadership development can even be taken further to managing the state, national, and international organization.

Although there are numerous intangible benefits to membership in the organization, there are some concrete and tangible benefits as well.

You know how sometimes if you ask 20 people why they do something you get 20 different answers? That’s also true in our case when we ask members why they joined the Livonia Jaycees. These are the most popular answers:

To Meet People and Make Friends – This isn’t surprising since Livonia is a dynamic community and there are always a lot of new people in town.

Community Service Opportunities – Where else would you have the opportunity to do such diverse things as hold an auction to support a substance abuse recovery program, fix up a house for an elderly couple or take a bunch of underprivileged kids shopping for the holidays?

Flexibility – Your participation depends on your schedule, not ours. You get out of the organization what you put into it and more. You decide what you want that to be.

Networking – How many times have you heard “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? As Jaycees we have many opportunities to interact with the movers and shakers of this community including the mayor and a variety of business and community leaders. Our members also come from many different industries and professions and are a great group of people to get to know.

Resume Building – Do you want to prove you have project management skills? How about telling your employers that you planned and carried out a fundraiser with over 400 participants which raised well over $15,000? For people who want to make a more formal commitment, members have the opportunity to run for the Board of Directors so they can take a more active role in the planning, running, and direction of the organization.

Learn New Skills – We encourage people to stretch their comfort zones and take on things they’ve never done before. A case in point is the fact that past newsletter editors have been a biochemist and an architect. We’ve had engineers writing press releases and marketing folks keeping our books. We also offer a lot of one day events to teach people things like CPR, massage therapy, Internet basics, car maintenance, and a whole host of other things.