Who We Are

The Livonia Junior Chamber (Jaycees) is a group of dedicated, passionate and hard-working young people focused on making themselves and their communities better places to be. We take pride in what we do and are dedicated to leading the positive change needed throughout our great state.

Our History

The Livonia Jaycees came into being on June 24, 1953 with nineteen charter members.  The first years were spent establishing a firm foundation of membership and community projects.  In 1965, Livonia won its first Blue Chip Award.  During the following year, membership exceeded 100 members for the fist time.  Livonia achieved first place in its population division in the state “Parade of Chapters” in 1967.

In June 1969, Livonia was presented with their first Giessenbier Award as the most outstanding chapter in its population division. Livonia won the Bill Otto Award as the most outstanding chapter in the state of Michigan in 1971.

Livonia was recognized as the best chapter in the nation in population division VI by bringing home the Clarence H. Howard Award and also ranked eighth in the National Parade of Chapters.  Membership also grew that year to 264 members in 1976.  In 1977, Livonia won the Bill Otto Award and was awarded eighteen Sweepstakes Winners (Best Single Project in State), the most any chapter had ever received.

The Walk for Mankind set a national record for the biggest fund raising improvement over a one year period in 1984.  The first year women became members of the organization was in 1986.  In 1987, Debbie Belkowski became the first woman President of the Livonia Jaycees and led the Chapter to its first Blue Chip in several years.  The chapter grew in 1990 from 81 members to 152 members.

Several Livonia Jaycees over the years have been award the Outstanding Young Michigander Award, including: John Graves (1971), Al Butler (1972),  Bob Law (1977), Robert Ficano (1986), Mike Duggan (1990)

The past 57 years are a great foundation upon which we can continue to build.  The accomplishments of the young men and women who have brought our chapter to its lofty position as one of the finest Jaycee organizations in the nation should serve as an inspiration to all who follow.  The Howard, the Otto, the Giessenbiers, The Gold Chips, Blue Chips, the project awards — these are merely reflections of our chapter’s involvement in the community and its success in developing leaders.  We can all take pride in our history, and resolve to make our future even brighter!

Young People Creating Positive Change

Since 1953, the Livonia Jaycees is the premiere leadership training organization for young adults, serving men and women between the ages of 18 and 40. The Jaycees, also known as the Junior Chamber, provides opportunities to improve on one’s business skills, provides networking opportunities, performs community service, and offers many fun social opportunities. The membership represents a variety of occupations, interests, social and economic backgrounds.

The Jaycees has a dual purpose:

1) promoting leadership training and self improvement for our members
2) providing service and support for our communities

And, our goal is to have fun doing it!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Livonia Jaycees is to create a better world by empowering young people. We are a people-development organization that seeks to create positive change in ourselves, our organization and our community. Everything we do must encourage young people to become members and to take full advantage of our world-class fellowship, community service and leadership training opportunities.


Vision Statement

The vision of the Livonia Jaycees is to be the organization of choice for young adults, providing direction and leadership to our communities, the state and the nation in order to effect positive change.

A Global Network. Jaycees are not only members of their local chapter, but of the Michigan Junior Chamber, the United States Junior Chamber, and Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide federation of almost a quarter of a million young leaders and entrepreneurs, located in more than 5,000 communities in over 100 nations throughout the world, participating in projects, meetings, learning programs and events to help create positive change in our world.