Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Jaycees stand for? A: It stands for Junior Chamber.

Q: How do I become a member of the Jaycees? A: The process is very simple. You can fill out the online application or give your application to a Board Member.

Q: Are there membership dues? A: Yes, annual membership dues are $90 or you can do a monthly membership dues of $9.00.  Each new member gets a Livonia Jaycees t-shirt.

Q: After I join, then what? A: That depends on you; there are many diversified activities. After you join, all that remains is for you to involve yourself in whatever projects stimulate your interests. If there is something that interests you that the Livonia Jaycees don’t do, then you are encouraged to propose a project of your own! The Livonia Jaycees are continuously improving their programming to better fulfill the needs of the community and the varied interests of all our members.

Q: How much time do I need to put in? A: It’s that old saying, “You get out of it what you put in.” Any amount of time is appreciated and well worth getting involved. It is recommended that you attend the monthly General Membership Meeting and consider working on a project or being part of a committee.

Q: What is required of members? A: There are no set requirements to be a Jaycee. However, like most organizations, our members get as much out of being a Jaycee as they put into it. Attending one meeting and one project per month is normally a two-four hour commitment.

Q: How often are meetings held? A: Our General Membership Meeting (GMM) occurs on the third Tuesday of each month.

Q: What goes on at the GMM? A: The GMM is a great way to find out what is going on with Livonia Jaycees in a given month.  The GMM will have an agenda with upcoming projects listed.  Each area will talk about their upcoming events to get people interested in attending and helping out.  We provide personal and professional development training, and guest speakers for organizations we are working with. After the GMM, we have a social.  The GMM also provides members with the opportunity to catch up with each other and meet newer members.

Q: I don’t know very many people in the Jaycees, only the person who recruited me. How do I get to know others? A: Almost every member started out the same way. Go to the GMM, attend projects and/or get involved in a project/committee, and you’ll get to know a lot of members just like you!

Q: What is a social? A: A social is where members can get together just to network with one another. It is a more relaxed and laid back time where everyone is encouraged to just have fun. There is no meeting or agenda going on at that time.

Q: Why is recruiting so important? A: New members bring in new blood into the organization. That means new ideas, new energy and enthusiasm. Our organization is in a constant state of change. Career advancement, family commitments, and reaching forty–these are some of the reasons Jaycees typically leave a particular chapter. Therefore, it’s very important for the organization to be identifying and recruiting good new members and sharing the Jaycee movement.

Q: What does I.D. mean? A: I.D. stands for Individual Development. This area of the Jaycees is developed to help enhance your personal and professional life. Chapters hold courses, seminars, mini-courses or full-fledged events which help you to enhance your skills for business and personal life.

Q: What do you mean by “leadership training”? A: All aspects of our organization are devoted to polishing the leadership skills of our members. The programs and events with which we are involved generally mirror “real world” experiences. Jaycees regularly learn and practice speaking, writing, budgeting, teamwork, marketing, interpersonal and many other skills which make them more valuable to their employers and more successful in life.  Members also gain leadership experience by serving on the chapter’s Board of Directors.

Q: Are you a male only organization? A: No. However, this was the case until the mid 1980′s. Today the Junior Chamber has women as its leaders at every level of the organization.

Q: Are the Jaycees affiliated with any political party? A: No. The Jaycees believe that government should be of laws, rather than of men. Each member has his or her own political views and the Jaycees respect those views. The Jaycees also do not fund any political parties or candidates who may be running for office at any level (even if the candidate was or is a Jaycee member).

Q: Are the Jaycees affiliated with a specific religion or religious party? A: No. We do not affiliate ourselves with any specific religion. All of our members have their own religious beliefs and the Jaycees respect each member’s views.