Community Involvement

The Livonia Jaycees have a stake in the betterment of their communities and, as such, are strongly dedicated to promoting and improving the quality of life for everyone within them. The Livonia Jaycees feel that it is important to be an active citizen in your community.


We raise thousands of dollars in money and donations specifically targeted to many different organizations and people in our community. In addition, our members perform thousands of hours of volunteer work per year to enhance the resources and facilities available to the public.


These activities fall within the following areas:


Community Service: : These projects are designed to promote or improve the quality of life for people in the community, including projects that deal directly with people, properties, economic development, energy and the environment, like our participation in the Kindness Rally.

Community Fundraising: These projects deal with the fundraising for a specific non-Jaycee program. This includes health related organizations, foundations and any organized community charities. Every year we hold our largest event, Murder Mystery that supports the Livonia, Choir, Livonia Symphony and community theater.

Government and Civic Involvement: These projects deal with all areas of involvement with the local, state and national governmental process. Projects include town hall forums, debates, “Get Out The Vote”, meet the candidates and voter registration drives.

Children and Youth: : As the future of our community lies in the hands of today’s young people the Livonia Jaycees have projects that each year directly contribute to the youth. Examples are large projects such as Lagers for Lunches and stuff a truck or as simple as passing out ice cream at the LPS Ice Cream Social.