Legacy of Leaders


1953-1954 Paul Rosbolt1973-1974 Jim Kline1993-1994 Mary Tavana2014 David Cobler
1954-1955 Richard Wendrick1974-1975 Bob Carver1994-1995 Colleen Meakin2015 Janice Centers
1955-1956 Victor Phillips1975-1976 Gary VanBuren1995-1996 Larry McClain2016 John R. Badeen
1956-1957 Robert Cameron1976-1977 Chet Prokop1996-1997 Mechele McClain2017 Andrea Rutkowski
1957-1958 Kenneth Brumm1977-1978 Jerry L’Esperance1997-1998 Deb Goetz2018 Amanda Walworth
1958-1959 Don Weinfurther1978-1979 Dave Kleiner1998 Jeff Campeau
1959-1960 Irv McLeon1979-1980 Pat Scanlon1999 Donna Blackburn
1960-1961 William Stamelos1980-1981 John Bryan2001 Mechele McClain
1961-1962 Gene German1981-1982 Rick Shaw2002 Mechele McClain
1962-1963 Ralph Mossman1982-1983 Gary Smart2003 Kevin Priddy
1963-1964 Pat Duggan1983-1984 Al Meier2004 Joe Steele
1964-1965 Eric Cormack1984-1985 Ave Samarian2005 Nick Bonn
1965-1966 Bill Lloyd1985-1986 Doc Blaim2006 Dan West
1966-1967 Bob Bishop1986-1987 Ken Korte2007 Dan Irvin
1967-1968 Lee Taylor1987-1988 Debbi Belkowski2008 Dan Irvin
1968-1969 Russ Smith1988-1989 Carol Wiles2009 Mark Garrison
1969-1970 James Blades1989-1990 Steve Sartorius2010 Dawnne Toppa
1970-1971 Robert Brown1990-1991 Jerry Bagazinski2011 John R. Badeen
1971-1972 Tom Gorton1991-1992 Brian Duggan2012 Christen Ogden*
1972-1973 Len Wozniak1992-1993 Brian Meakin2013 Erin Williams

*Partial Year


A JCI Senatorship is the highest National award that can be bestowed upon a Jaycee. It is given to those Jaycees whose internal and external contributions to the Chapter have proven to have gone above and beyond most other Jaycees.

08070 – Pat Duggan32448 – John Bryan48098 – Debbie Belkowski76880 – Peter Behrmann
09654 – Bob Bishop32845 – Gary Van Buren49867 – Steve Sartorius
09655 – Eric Cormac34406 – Tim Sutton51328 – Gerald Bagazinski
10545 – Russ Smith34967 – Dave Kleiner55764 – Colleen Meakin
18158 – Tom Gorton38164 – Ronald Barnum56871 – Brian Meakin
19824 – Len Wozniak41181 – Paul Daniel60341 – Larry McClain
15420 – James Kline41755 – Rick Shaw61377 – Mechele McClain
22514 – Carol Bagazinski43296 – Ave Samarian69489 – Jeff Campeau
23702 – Chester Prokop46159 – Al Meier71477 – Mark Garrison
26767 – Ken Kelsey46058 – Bob Allen73089 – John Badeen
27124 – Jerry L’Esperance47109 – Ken Korte76879 – Jeri Behrmann


Since 1976, Junior Chamber chapters in every state have recognized their finest members by presenting them with the prestigious Ambassador honor.

This life-long honor recognizes those who have served the United States Junior Chamber and their community with highest distinction and greatest contribution. Thank that special individual for their outstanding service, involvement, and commitment by nominating them as an Ambassador — the highest honor bestowed on a Jaycee.

#713 – Pat Duggan#1152 – Bob Bishop#2996 – Ave Samarian


An honorary membership can be bestowed upon an individual for various reason and has varied over time for each recipient. The recipient of the Paul Rosbolt Award receives an honorary membership as well.

TBD – William W. Brasher
2007 – Beth Hill2011 – Sarah Nelson2015 – Steve Pickelmann
TBD – Harvey W. Moelke
2008 – Brian Coker2012 – Jay Johnson
2016 – Nina Perko
TBD – Edward H. McNamara2009 – Wendy Taylor2013 – Adam Bonarek
2017 – Rebecca Markoni
TBD – Michael S. Kandah2010 – Kimberly Gibaud Roffe2014 – Jennifer Kurland2018 – Joannie Zelinski

Disclaimer: If you know of individuals that are missing from our Senators, Ambassadors, Honorary Members, or if information is incorrect, please contact us with this information at livoniajaycees@gmail.com or 734-956-0548.  We are trying to rebuild some or our history and there is a lot that is missing.