What We Do

The Jaycees provide opportunities for leadership development, community involvement, personal development, professional development, networking and social activities. We develop new skills while creating positive change in our communities and establishing new business and social networks. Every project, every meeting, every experience expands the abilities of Jaycees and presents opportunities and choices. Actions are the results of choosing. Ideas are conceived. Beliefs are strengthened. Opinions are formed. Memories are made. Personal growth is achieved.

Chapter projects serve as a vehicle for hands-on learning. “Off-the-job” training while benefiting society is how Jaycee members transform classroom learning into self-improvement. All the skills to plan, promote, and manage a Jaycee project are directly transferable to real-life situations. Through their involvement, members have the opportunity to master the roles of managers, visionaries, coaches, educators, ambassadors and leaders by participating in countless and varied projects and hands-on training workshops that benefit communities worldwide.



The Junior Chamber provides personal and professional development opportunities that enrich the lives of our members and position them as the premier young leaders in the local area.



The Junior Chamber generates unique opportunities for young people to network and interact at a variety of cultural, arts, sporting, and community events throughout the local area.



The Junior Chamber cultivates interests of young people in local public affairs, government involvement, and providing access to community and business leaders.



The Junior Chamber not only creates awareness for young people on issues or problems facing the community, but involves them in developing and implementing sustainable solutions.