Personal Development

To be a leader, to be connected to your community, to be a successful networker all require making the most of who you are. Opportunities for individual development arise whenever the Jaycees host an event that allows its members to improve or grow in a new way. With this in mind, the Livonia Jaycees offers a wide range of leadership training and social events that encourages members to explore and build on untapped skills and interests.

Speakers. We offer programs and workshops on leadership, project management, financial management, time and stress management, public speaking, communications skills and more.

Activities. Learning and growing can be fun! An example of activities includes scavenger hunts, camping trips, parties, poker nights, bike rides, hikes, museum trips, beach volleyball, wine tasting, karaoke, happy hours and much more!

Professional Development & Networking

Junior Chamber can help you jumpstart your career, land a new job, or launch a new business! You’ll be encouraged to promote and advance new ideas as well to be creative, a problem-solver and a solution-seeker. In Junior Chamber, you develop the ability to work with people from all backgrounds.

Career Advancement. We can help you develop in many professional and personal areas, including human relations, self-confidence, the ability to handle pressure, ability to handle diversity and teamwork. Your experiences will give you confidence when meeting strangers and help you put your best foot forward when speaking or communicating. In job interviews, one of the most important skills managers seek is the ability to fit in with existing work teams. You can point to your Junior Chamber experience as evidence that you are team player. If you have your own business, your Junior Chamber experience will help you develop a team spirit among your employees.

Business Networking. How many times have you heard “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? In today’s business world, it is important to have both leadership training and contacts in the professional world. The Jaycees provide these opportunities in both casual and formal context. Members make valuable contacts at membership meetings with featured speakers and through helping to plan events.

Competitions. The Livonia Jaycees offer programs such as SPEAK UP, WRITE UP, TEAM DEBATE, ARMBRUSTER & BROWNFIELD COMPETITIONS, and JAYCEE JEOPARDY at each state meeting. Additionally, these programs can be run right in your own local chapter! Get involved. Start now! It’s always a great time to improve your skills.